Creator Camp Chicago

Creator Camp is a half-day long event focused on creativity, new ideas, and sharing knowledge.

Our first-ever Creator Camp Chicago took place on May 14, 2011.

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Meet a panelist: Lauren Levato, Artist and Writer

Please say hello to Lauren Levato, draughtswoman, writer, and arts marketing/PR gal Friday. A successful creative type, she will be one of the experts discussing “Creativity and Prosperity During an Economic Downturn.”

Lauren  is an artist and writer whose obsessions include insects, odd creatures (like humans), myths, fables, and tall tales. You see, her grandfather was quite the storyteller. Plus she’s Irish and you know they never stop making things up. You can find evidence of all this in her artwork, which includes drawing, painting, and sculpture.

She was trained at The School of Representational Art in Chicago and studied privately with Steven Assael. She earned her degrees in Professional Writing and Women’s Studies from Purdue, and in Political Journalism from Georgetown University.  She worked as a journalist for 13 years and, also during that time, worked as a sales and public relations expert for some of the leading galleries and artists in the field, including Ferrin Gallery, Packer/Schopf, and Tony Fitzpatrick.

Lauren was born with a little red Mohawk and grew up in Indiana, both which explain a lot.